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Education Committee


  • Work with school boards to promote career paths in the mining sector
    • The committee has undertaken a project to develop an education framework that can be a publishable document to supply to individuals looking to further their education/training. The publication can be supplied to High Schools across the GLMWG mandate to help guide students to a possible post secondary education or other options. An end deployment will be use at the Greenstone Regional Skills Centre for identifying partners to provide advance learning.
  • Promote and expand existing continuing education services
  • Using innovative approaches expand and facilitate trades training and apprenticeships in key sectors (mining, value-added manufacturing, water training, dual credits etc.)
  • Establish innovative partnerships to maximize resources and ensure project success.
  • Facilitate development of a multi-use facility for learning and training
    • The Greenstone Labour Market Working Group is supporting First Nations, Geraldton Community Forest, and Anishinabek Employment and Training Services to develop a regional training centre. The Greenstone Regional Skills Centre will be located at the Greenstone Regional Airport with aspirations to provide Northwestern Ontario and the far north with affordable training. The partners will share training space and also make it available to other community organizations and First Nation groups. The purpose of this initiative is to provide long-term solution to developing and maintaining a workforce to support the mining industry that will span an estimated 30 years in the Greenstone region and North Western Ontario.

    • The blueprints for the Greenstone Regional Skills Centre are well underway and one tool the committee plans to develop is a screening tool to guide staff to the needs of potential clients.

"Indeed, there is a newly formed consensus among federal and provincial officials, native communities and major companies that aggressive training programs need to be set in place now.

"We're worried about that because I don't think it's too early to get started even right now," says Bill Boor, senior vice-president of global ferroallyos for Cliffs Natural Resources, a multi-national mining company that wants to go into production in 2016 or 2017.

We need a lot of employees for this type of operation ... We're very anxious to get started."

Heather Scoffield, The Canadian Press Dec, 26, 2012.


The Greenstone Labour Market Working Group launched a Training and Employment Survey to help support and strengthen efforts to communicate with employers, educational institutions and service providers. Please Click Link to provide your input to shape Greenstone's educational future.


Terms of Reference

For more information on this project, please contact the Economic Development Department at 807-854-1100

Community Adjustment Committee