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Top Five Reasons to Locate in Greenstone

Proximity to Mining Developments

  • Advanced mineral exploration is taking place throughout the Beardmore-Geraldton Greenstone Belt, with recent high-concentration gold discoveries making the re-opening of area mines a distinct possibility.
  • Nakina, the Municipality's northernmost ward, is located 280km south of the Ring of Fire and is the proposed terminus for a transmodal facility connecting a railroad from the Ring of Fire with the main Canadian National (CN) line. The Nakina airport is also a poised to act as a staging point for transporting goods to First Nations communities and the Far North mines.
High Concentration of Available Natural Resources
  • Situated in the heart of the Kenogami Forest, Greenstone has an abundance of wood fibre available for value-added production.
  • The Beardmore-Geraldton Greenstone Belt is one of the most prolific Greenstone gold camps in Northern Ontario/Quebec and has a production history in excess of 4.1 million ounces of gold.
  • The beautiful and plentiful Lake Nipigon, which is accessible via High Hill Harbour Marina near the Ward of Beardmore, offers abundant opportunities for commercial fishing.

2011-2012 Available Harvest Volumes for Kenogami Forest
1-Year Available Harvest Volume (m3)

Conifer Hardwood
Net Merchantable 1,048,524 219,396
Net Undersize and Defect 238,114 55,129
Totals 1,268,638 274,524

Transportation Corridor

  • Air Transportation
    • Greenstone Regional Airport (Geraldton) - 5,000 X 100 ft runway, scheduled passenger and freight services through Wasaya Airways Ltd., aircraft maintenance facility operated by Recon Air.
    • R. Elmer Ruddick Nakina Airport (Nakina) - 3,500 X 100 ft runway, scheduled and charter passenger and freight services through Nakina Air Service, staging point for Ring of Fire and northern First Nations communities.
  • Rail Transportation: ViaRail makes stops in the Wards of Caramat, Longlac and Nakina for passenger pickup and delivery.
  • Road Access: The Municipality of Greenstone spans 220km of TransCanada Highway 11, which connects Greenstone with regional and international markets.
Available Labour Force

The Greenstone Labour Market Working Group (GLMWG) is pursing training opportunities to prepare the workforce to meet the future needs of industry.

Available Residential and Commercial/Industrial Lots
  • Greenstone Regional Airport - 8 available commercial serviced lots (100X200ft)
  • R. Elmer Ruddick Nakina Airport - 12 available commercial serviced lots (100X200ft)
  • Nakina Subdivision - 52 available serviced residential lots
  • Longlac Industrial Park - 379 hectares (936.5 acres) of commercial/industrial property